Advanced Solutions for Flight Simulation


Product Overview: GNS 430/530

  • Requires either Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, FSX, FSX: Steam, ESP, or Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D (V3 and lower).

  • Compatible with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
    Note: Windows XP is no longer supported.

  • Requires 1.2 GHz or faster CPU

  • WAAS Enabled - included and installed with your purchase is MPI_CDIGauge that contains 3 WAAS-enabled navigation gauges.  Or alternatively, your aircraft model manufacturer's VOR or glideslope indicator gauge may monitor the glidepath information published to the simulator environment by our GNS software.
    Note: An optional 5th parameter, a single upper-case letter B, forces the CDI gauge to be brigher if it appears too dark in your Flight Sim panel.

  • Compatible with AIRAC data from (  Refer to this link for instructions on how to integrate RealNav Data into your Mindstar avionics.

  • Online Purchase Only - No Shipping Required

  • Prepar3D V1 and V2 users, please note, since there is no Cessna 172 installed in Prepar3D, we have no place to put the GNS units. However, there is nothing to keep you from installing this gauge into any other airplane you wish.

  • Refer to this link for instructions on how to modify panels to include the GNS 430/530.

    Note also that we have been using the FSX 172 in Prepar3D with good results, so if you own FSX, you might consider migrating the 172 from FSX into your Prepar3D SimObjects folder.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the GNS 430/530 compatible with Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D 2.0?
  Yes, the unit also works with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004(FS9), Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX / FS10),  Microsoft ESP and Prepar3D 1.x.
Which planes do you automatically install the GNS?
See our installation matrix:
Do I get both the 430 and 530 for $49.95?
  Yes, you get both units and have the ability to install any configuration (2 430's, a 530/430, a 530, a 430... etc).
Is there support for cross-feed between two simultaneously installed units in an aircraft?
  The cross feed between the units is automatic. In fact, we don’t let them run in independent mode at all, so they always cross-fill.
If I currently own RealNav Data for use with other products, do I have to purchase an additional subscription for Mindstar’s GNS 430/530?
  Your current subscription will automatically integrate with the GNS430/530. You are not required to purchase a second RealNav Data subscription.
What navigational data source is used for the GNS 430/530?
  By default, the GNS 430/530 use the data provided with the base simulation software (FS/P3D). Real world navigational data can be integrated through the purchase of a data subscription from RealNav Data
Why doesn’t the GNS 430/530 ship with a copy of RealNav Data?
  Mindstar cannot provide a copy of the RealNav database without a corresponding subscription due to the licensing arrangement with the data provider. This also allows us to keep the price of the GPS unit lower for those customers who only want the avionics software, and aren’t ready to purchase the real-world data yet.
How do I update the RealNav data when a new cycle of data becomes available?
  A utility program called NavUpdate.exe is shipped with the GPS units. You can launch this program anytime to check the status of your subscription, and if it’s still active, it will automatically update your navigation database. A link to this program will also appear in the Windows Start menu under Mindstar Aviation.
How frequently are new RealNav cycle updates available?
  For the home user subscription, you 4 updates during the course of the subscription, and the update points are at cycle numbers 1, 4, 7, and 10. Using 2014 for example, this means 1401, 1404, 1407, and 1410. This essentially correlates to quarterly updates.
When my RealNavData subscription ends, what data source will my unit utilize?
  When your subscription ends, the most recent version of the data you had installed will still function. You just won’t receive further RealNav Data cycle updates until the subscription is renewed.
Is RealNav Data a separate company?
  Yes, but it is managed and staffed by some of the same people that work here.
Will NaviGraph and/or NavDataPro be support as navigation data sources in the future?
  No, neither package contains the required information to support all of the features in our GNS unit.
Which planes does the unit install into automatically? Does Mindstar provides assistance for custom installations?
  The unit installs into the C172 by default. If you want to modify your own aircraft control panels, please refer to this link for additional information on how to accomplish this. 
Are there special installation procedure I should follow?
  Yes, ensure to download the application installer to your local hard drive, then right click on the executable and select “Run as Administrator”. If prompted, please specify that the installation should be for “All Users”. The software will not operate properly if you install it using the option “Only For The Current User”.
Are there any special FSX or Prepar3D start-up procedures I should follow?
  Yes, to ensure that the applicaiton has all of the required authorization level to run our software,  change your applicaiton FSX or P3D shortcut to specify always "Run as Administrator".  There are many references on the web of how you would do this for your specific operating system version if you are not familiar with the process.
How do I purchase the softtware?
Where do I find out more information about RealNav Data? How much does it cost?
Is there a 30 day money back guarantee?
  No, all sales are final, but we take great pride in our support. If you experience a problem, let us know and we will help you.